I was pleasantly surprised with this story.  Having read the previous one and thinking we were going to get a bit more of the Underworld politics and relations with the fae, it came as a shock that the main characters for this story are a lone vampire assassin, Natalia, who is a pretty kick ass chick and has lived with a resentment towards werewolves because her own mate was one and the pack turned against her (many many moons ago).  The hero?  A sexy and open minded Alpha werewolf who likes to and is skilled at using rope 😉
She’s in his territory hunting a rogue werewolf killer who is actually besting her at every chance he gets.  She needs Cristian’s help.  Even though she hates to admit it.
Both the hero and heroine in this story were very likeable.  No stupid moments, plenty of funny banter and who can resist an alpha that, even though he’s going against pack logic, wants a vampire!
The story was also interesting with the werewolf killer .  We only get to see the Queen of the Underworld and the mention of the fae towards the end so now I’m curious to see if that’s the route we’ll see in the next book.

I definitely recommend this series.  They’re not extremely long but they pack all the story you need, lots of hotness and humor, and all with great writing!*ARC provided by author

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  1. Wow, this review really make me want to read it! I love the mix of hotness and humour! That’s the best 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway!


  2. I think I am really going to like Natalia 🙂 Thank you for sharing about this awesome book. I would love to read Destiny Unchained and appreciate the giveaway opportunity.

  3. Irresistible combination: kick ass heroine & alpha hero! I like too that the book has humor, being able to connect with the hero & heroine is a must hv for a good read.

    Yummy! Hope I win *fingers crossed*

  4. Vampires, werewolves, hotness and humor…not a lot of politics. SOLD! Sounds like a winner to me, can’t wait to read more! And cover looks interesting too. This a new author to me as well…nice to meet you Leia! 😉

    [email protected]