What a terrific end to the series! This has been one the quirkiest Urban Fantasy books I have read, Carolyn Crane has created such an original world, full of bizarre and lovable characters, from the bad guy I just can’t seem to hate to the villainous good guy. If you haven’t started this series yet, I highly recommend that you rush out now and get Mind Games the first in the Disillusionist Trilogy.Every time Justine remember Avery, her best friend Shelby’s boyfriend being shot she get a pounding headache and a feeling everything is quite right. But how could things be wrong? Her fiancee the heroic Mayor or Midcity, Otto Sanchez loves her, would do anything for her, so why can’t she stop thinking of Packard, the man she saw murdering Avery in cold blood?

They way Double Cross ended left me desperate to read this book, I love that it managed to surprise me and yet still keep all the actions completely within character. And despite all the evil things that were done by Otto, I still couldn’t bring myself to dislike him, ever hear the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”? That is what he brings to mind, he wanted to save Midcity but seeting loose sleepwalking cannibals is just not the way to do it. This is another aspect I love about this trilogy, the character aren’t just “good” and “bad” they all have a little bit of both and all extremely wacky.

As the last book in the series I have to comment on how it finished, and I did like it, it was nice and neat, maybe a little too neat, but as a gal that loves a happy ending I was satisfied. However, I did find that this book moved slowly but then suddenly at the end all the action explodes around you; I prefer it to be more evenly paced. But this book was good at piling up the tension and paranoia as we read, not knowing who knows what and what can happen next, so although the action was at the end, I still loved every word until that point.

I have really enjoyed this series and watching Justine going from barely-functioning-hypochondriac to a take-charge woman not afraid to stand up for who and what she believes in has been a fantastic roller coaster through the weird journey. These are books that are staying in my keeper shelf and I will be looking for more of Carlyn Crane’s work in the future.

Favourite Quotes

I think it’s probably not the healthiest thing in the world for a couple to pretty much only have role-playing sex, but there’s nothing like the dirty fun of role-playing sex to take a girl’s mind off of that.


I have the awful thought that most deaths in real life probably are just like this. Nonheroic. Just people up against a wall.


It feels so good to see him, just plain old good. Like a simple daisy atop a mountain of angst.

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  1. I really need to start this series. It’s been on my radar for quite some time, I just haven’t had a chance to pick up the first book yet. Thanks for the review, I know I’m going to love the Disillusionist series.