“The adrenaline is pumping, the attraction is simmering.”~ Under the Covers

Rogan Wolfe moved to Miami, Florida to get away from his past in Michigan.  Now working as an undercover cop to capture the bad guys who run the streets, he keeps his life consumed with work and sex, you know, because if you don’t use it, you lose it, right?

April Pediston is a lawyer living in Miami, Florida.  Her life is consumed with work, taking care of her grandmother and constantly catering to her two younger sisters.  Ever since April’s parents died when she was a little girl, she took over taking care of her sisters and stepped up as the parental guidance they needed, even if this meant not having a social or dating life of her own.  But that’s okay, because that’s the way she wanted it, to be in total control of everything, or so she thinks.

When April agrees to meet one of her clients at a local bar, she thinks it will be a quick meet, but things get ugly with a few of the customers and she finds herself being dragged out of the bar by a handsome stranger who is none other than Rogan.  The adrenaline is pumping, the attraction is simmering and soon they’re making out outside an alley and at this point they don’t even know each other’s names!  That’s how potent their chemistry is!

The beginning of April and Rogan’s “relationship” was a bit exasperating.  It was the whole “come here go away” attitude we get from April.  And I know, I get it, she was confused.  Aren’t all Submissive women in the beginning?  But things really did start to get steamy and soon they vibed on a animalistic level that had them doing all sorts of naughty things in dangerous places.

Give into Me is the third installment in the H.O.T Cops series and while I was put off with April and how she reacted in the beginning, it didn’t last long.  Let’s just say that going down on each other in public, doing it like animals at a playground and an encounter with a night stick (yes a night stick) will make you forget all about her little episodes.  Enjoy!

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