I’m not quite sure what rating to give this book. I really, really liked it so I’m bouncing around 4.5 stars to a perfect 5 stars! What I loved about Gentlemen Prefer Succubi was that it was a fun, upbeat book that had a very interesting take on succubi, vampires and angels. I was completely sucked into the world that Myles had created. There is enough mythology behind her world that makes it intriguing and yet not too overbearing with its details. It was interesting to read about how the succubi fit into the world of angels and vampires. Ms. Myles did a really great job with her storyline!

Another great thing about this book is Jackie and her POV. She was fun, smart and sexy, the perfect but also reluctant succubus. I loved that she still valued life even after her change and kept her morals intact. Her narrative was to die for! There are some comments that made me laugh out loud. Ms. Myles creates the perfect blend of humor, never once making this book seem like you were wearing a joke book. Her timing with her jokes was spot-on and I found this to be a very enjoyable and light read!

There is also Remy who became one of my favourite succubi! She was playful and seductive and her chemistry with Jackie was amazing! I found that I enjoyed reading about all her characters in this series.

And then there is Noah and Zane. Both are so vastly different from one another and yet, I managed to love them both! Noah is a sweetheart who, from the very beginning, I adored! But then Zane came along and, although I was sceptical of him at first, I learned to enjoy reading about his slyness and seductive nature. Both are great characters and I cannot wait to read what happens next!

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