“I love Jim Butcher’s characters. They simply leap off the page and the humor and action seem to blend together very seamlessly.”
~ Under the Covers

First off I want to say that I’m not going to go into the details of the story simply because I’m pretty much sure everyone else has read this series already and it would be repetitive. Instead I want to talk about my thoughts on various aspects of this book.

I decided to listen to the audio version of this book after so many readers suggested that I do so in my review of the first book. I know it’s a very popular series with a beloved narrator, however, I had a difficult time getting into it simply because of the heavy breathing. I found that I had to listen to the audio at a rate so fast that the words warped together, but at least there wasn’t the constant breathing every time he opened his mouth. I totally planned on glomming on this series in audiobook but I might just read the books instead. I feel like I read quicker than I read anyways.

In terms of the story, I love Jim Butcher’s characters. They simply leap off the page and the humor and action seem to blend together very seamlessly. There are some epic twists and turns that make this book a page-turner and I’m already looking forward to reading the next book in the series. But I’m curious, which book in this series is your favorite?

Just from reading these two I can tell that this series will be filled with so many highlights. Also, I really want to know who everyone sees as Harry because although he’s so vivid in my mind, I’m sure everyone else has their own image of him in their minds. I’m so glad I’m finally reading this series because I can already tell there’s so much fun to be had!




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  1. Finishing up PROVEN GUILTY and I have to say I don’t have one favorite. They’re all 5 stars to me. Dresden Files is the type of book I absolutely love to read.

  2. A lot of people didn’t like the breathing and noises of the audio. They did fix it. You can no longer hear it after the first few books. I can’t remember exactly how many, but it does stop. I’m glad you’re liking the books; it’s one of my favorite series!