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The sky ripped open and the dragons came and tore the world apart. Now years later the world has completely changed and people live in fort’s and in fear of the dragons. Claudia is a survivor, she has been looking out for herself and her sister ever since the dragons came, but now she is locked away and unable to look after her innocent sister. But, things go from bad to worse when she is thrown out of her home and sacrificed to the dragons. Only, it isn’t quite the sacrifice she imagined and the dragon that finds her isn’t the monster she expected.

Ruby Dixon has become one of my favourite authors, I love her Ice Planet Barbarian’s series, so now I am working on completing everything else she has written and after aliens what better place to start than dragons? Sadly it didn’t quite grab me the way her sexy blue aliens did.

I did like the idea though, normally in a book about dragons, they are the good guys, in the case of Fire in his Blood  that isn’t quite the case. Instead dragons are something to be hated and feared as in a small amount of time they have killed and destroyed most of the population tearing down all human infrastructure in the process. This leaves humans to try and survive and settle in smaller villages that are cut off from everyone else and try and live through the constant attacks. So when Claudia is sacrificed to a dragon, she expects nothing but death and to make a tasty snack to the dragon who finds her first.

This book shows Claudia slowly coming to realisation the real story of why dragons are here and the reasons why they are constantly attacking. It also left you with plenty of questions which hopefully will be looked at in other books alongside the next romance. Because, of course romance and mating have a little to do with the magical cure to stop dragons from attacking. The romance in Fire in his Blood was much as I have come to expect from Dixon, a little bit sexy and a lot cute, despite their differences Claudia and her dragon Kael are good together. I especially enjoyed the beginning of the romance when Kael was trying to seduce her, despite not knowing the language or understanding human culture in any way. Don’t us human girls just love it when a guy cooks us dinner…or kills a goat and throws it at our feet hooves and all…dinner is served!

Although I perhaps don’t like this as much as other books by her, it was fun and I will look forward to the next book in the series.


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