“So while DAILY GRIND was a bit frustrating, it was still an enjoyable and sexy read.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been wanting to try this series/author for a while now.  Those covers are such eye candy I’m not sure how I’ve resisted until now.  So I finally picked up DAILY GRIND and I’m so conflicted because I really wanted to like this book more than I did.  And from the looks of it, I may be in the minority and be an unpopular opinion since everyone has seemed to love it.

There are definitely parts of DAILY GRIND that I really liked.  The characters being one of them.  Both MCs are so endearing in their own ways, and I thought they had such great chemistry together!  I really wanted to see them let loose a bit more.  Both have such tight leash on their self control and the walls they keep around each other, both for different reasons, that I almost feel like it took most of the book for those to come down and when they did it was just so sudden that I didn’t buy it as easily.  However, when they are together, they are more than hot.

DAILY GRIND finds Brian, the owner of a coffee shop, buried in work and basically putting his business ahead of everything.  His relationships, his family, even his health it seems.  And he refuses to ask for help.  This was interesting at first, but after a while and things not changing even one bit, I started to get frustrated with Brian myself.  Honestly, I thought the problem was dragged on for a little too long to the point it got to be irritating to me.  And when I was all for Rob to slowly chip at the barriers, after a while I just wanted him to find an easier guy to be with!

Rob might’ve been my favorite though.  He’s been betrayed and used before, and he still is for the most part a very easy going guy.  When he knows he wants Brian, he just goes for it.  Taking a chance and letting his heart lead the way.  Plus he’s an adorable ginger with an accent.  How could I resist that?  In many ways, Brian is perfect for him and I was happy to see him finally opening his eyes to all the good he had right in front of him.

So while DAILY GRIND was a bit frustrating, it was still an enjoyable and sexy read.




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