Ever since Eternal Kiss I’ve wanted to read more about Gray and Dillon.  I think they might be my favorite couple, and they’re not even a couple yet!This short story takes us into the life of Gray, Sara’s brother, after Eternal Kiss. Not to be missed as there’s a big revelation about Gray and what he is.  And not to be missed because we get another taste for what Dillon and Gray can be together!  Plenty of sexual tension between these two!!  When they finally get together it’s going to be amazing!  Of course Dillon is still playing at the I only care about you because of your sister Sara card.

We learn a bit more about the Impures and how it’s not all roses in their organization.  I am curious how all these storylines will come into play in Eternal Beast.  Which I’m sure will be my favorite of the series.

I do have to warn you that this story is extremely short.  I wanted a bit more and I was sad that it finished so soon.  However I’m rating it based on how much I liked what I read, not what my expectations on page count were.

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