This story started out very well for me.  The cover is nice, the blurb sounds good, and when I start reading there’s a kick ass military helicopter pilot female, and a hot alpha male helicopter pilot.  So far, it has me hooked.  I love military couples, I love kick ass heroines, and I have a thing for pilots.  Maybe this has to do with my obsession with the TV show Pensacola: Wings of Gold back in the 90s.  But nonetheless, I was ready to enjoy this.

Except I ran into a few problems.  Captain Emily Beale goes from kick ass chick to Ms. Perfect Martha Stewart.  Turns out she’s practically a professional chef while she’s slumming in the desert and is being called to act the part of the First Lady’s Personal Chef.  This is all a coverup, and she’s being brought in as security for the First Lady.  Who just happens to be married to Emily’s childhood crush, yeah, the President.

So once I was able to put that aside, Emily and Major Mark Henderson had so much potential as a couple but I felt their relationship was never really developed.  We spent more time on tactical details of flying a helicopter or mission specifics than on the actual building up of the relationships.  There were times that I felt Emily still had a crush on the President and maybe that story should be developing more.

The twist at the end of the story was good though and it kept things interesting.  I should’ve seen that coming but I didn’t.  In the end, Emily and Mark do find the traitor and find that they can make a life together.

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  1. Hmmm. Sounds like the book is trying to be two things – chick lit and military romance. Thank you for the non-snarky but less than glowing review. I may still want to read it. I kinda like the kick-ass female chef aspect.

  2. I love Pensacola: Wings of Gold too that was one of my absolute favourite shows in the 90’s!!! James Brolin is so sexy in that, he’s probably 20 or 30 years older than me but he’s still sexy in my eyes!!!