“…it’s not as good as her recently released books.
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After reading Marie Harte’s Best Revenge books, I knew I wanted to give her other books a go.  In 2016, this book was re-released and I had the chance to read it. Yes, this review is way, way overdue.  I had to take a quick scan through the book to remember the story. It was easy enough to remember as it is a short read.  

Harte’s  Enemy Red which was originally published in 2010 was an okay read. Unfortunately, it’s not as good as Harte’s Best Revenge series and I’m sure it’s not as good as her recently released books.  

The back story felt choppy and parts of the story felt incomplete.  There were insta-love and insta-acceptance in this book that didn’t work for me.  Not to mention character development fell a little short. I suppose this was to be expected with short stories but it could be better.   With the republishing of this book, I wish Harte revamped the writing a little because this book certainly has potential. It’s obvious that the author has grown quite a bit as a writer since then.  I’ve left links of Harte’s more recent books below.


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  1. One would think with a re-release authors would make changes to bring the story up to their current writing level.