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“THE ROGUE OF FIFTH AVENUE was sweet and tender but also fun and adventurous.”
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I recently discovered Joanna Shupe while reading a Christmas anthology.  Her writing style caught my interest and also her fun Gilded Age New York setting.  I was excited to start a new series by her since I haven’t had time to catch up and read some of her backlist and now I’m glad that I took that chance.  I do want to mention I have seen a lot of people talk about the fact that the hero of this book has been an anticipated character to get an HEA so I’m assuming this is a spin off series.  Rest assured if you are like me and haven’t read any of the other titles.  You won’t be lost and will be able to jump right into this one!

My favorite thing about this book was how different and complex the characters were.  Frank is definitely a charismatic guy but he has many secrets.  He’s worked really hard to fit in with the upper class and knows what he has to do to stay in their graces.  But there’s one woman that threatens to tumble down all his carefully stacked cards.  Mamie Greene knows she has a responsibility to her family and a promise she’s made to her father.  She will marry the man of her father’s choosing in exchange for her sisters being able to marry whomever they want.  But she still can’t sit idle while she sees some people have more than they deserve and others struggling so she’s secretly made it her mission to help the less fortunate families of New York and now she needs the help of her father’s lawyer.

THE ROGUE OF FIFTH AVENUE was sweet and tender but also fun and adventurous.  The romance was perfect, there’s plenty of chemistry between these two.  But I fell in love not only with the main characters but with the Greene sisters as well!  I’m highly anticipating the next installment of this series.



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