This story was sweet and sexy, I really enjoyed it.  Sierra Applegate has been blind since childhood after an accident. She’s been strong through her adversity and become a therapist.  After a relationship gone bad ended a couple of years ago she hasn’t made the time to date.  But 1 Night Stand might be the right service for her since she’s not looking for a relationship again.

Daniel, a firefighter, lost his wife in a fire in his own home a few years back.  He was able to save his daughter but was badly burned when he tried to save his wife.  A single father from that point, he hasn’t been able to think of a relationship either.

They come together and click instantly.  They both know why they are there, they both have things to overlook in each other, but I thought they were great together from the start and I really enjoyed the little twist at the end.

This was my first story by this author so I’ll definitely be looking for more of her work.

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