My first thought when I saw this cover was “Oh yay another team of ex-military badass guys to follow!” but I was pleasantly surprised to see there’s more to it than that. Of course we do get the badass guys we all want to drool over, my favorite being the boss, Jim Morgan. I confess to have a thing for hard-asses. So while my crush develops on that bad boy, I also liked the hero of this story a lot.  Kane.  He’s sweet and not so tortured as you would expect a guy in his line of work to be.  Had an almost perfect childhood, was in the military, and now is happy to work for Jim.

Their team of mercenaries is hired by, get this, the worlds top female assassin, Noelle, to go in a rescue one of her girls.  And by girls I mean there’s a group of female assassins.  I love kick ass heroines so this is shaping up to be a great series full of strong female characters and bad boys!

So Abby was undercover and she was captured.  While undercover she found a group of girls that had been kidnapped by the bad guy she was trying to bring down.  Her past comes into play with this story as she has gone through a lot herself, growing up with foster parents until she was taken in by a great guy.

Jim’s team goes in to rescue her and then on her request go back in to rescue the girls.  But things are not so simple since the enforcer for the bad guy has it in for Abby.

It was a nice change to see the tortured heroine with the sweet hero that can bring her out of her protective shell.  She had a lot of stuff to figure out how to get past but Kane slowly broke through her barriers.  I’m excited to read more in this series and from this author.

Now if only I could find out if Jim will end up with Noelle, because there were definite sparks flying there.

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