“I’m not surprised often by the turn of events in a book, but I was completely shocked by the reality of the secrets in this one.” ~Under the Covers

This story had so much potential.  Started out pretty good, mostly because I thought Cash was a hot bad boy.  Then it went a bit downhill and pissed me off, mostly because of Olivia.

So Olivia is a college student living with her cousin while she’s a little down on her luck.  She works as a bartender to make ends meet.  Daughter of a rancher, who’s dad wants her to find a better life and not feel obligated to help with the farm.

She meets Cash, club owner, at her friends’ bachelorette party.  She meets Nash, his twin brother, the next day in her apartment.  Or her cousins’ apartment to be exact.  Because it turns out Nash is a lawyer, like her cousin, and they are dating.  Bad boy, good boy.  Both just as good looking (duh! they’re twins).  And she wants both.  This is where I was getting annoyed.  For someone that talks a lot about how she is a good girl, etc, she had no problem fooling around with Nash while she knew he had a girlfriend.  And then the first sex scene comes around and, while it was hot, the dilemma she was in completely pissed me off.

I admit I was Team Cash the whole time because even though he’s a bad boy he seemed to be upfront with her.  He could offer her something real and they could work on the rest.  He was even there when her father needed help. Cash is actually the reason I could read the next book in this series.

Then that twist at the end came.  I was not expecting it.  I’m not surprised often by the turn of events in a book, but I was completely shocked by the reality of the secrets in this one.  I admit that may be the reason why I enjoyed this book and found it more interesting.  I do think that the very ending is making me now belief that the next book will have more of a suspense plot than the mushy one of this book.  I’m curious to see.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Thank you so much for not providing any spoilers! I’m just at the point in the book where Olivia has to go to the farm to help out her dad. I too am kind of pissed at Olivia for being attracted to both guys, while I am all for Cash. I know Cash and Olivia will be a couple since I read the blurb for the next book, so I know who she will end up with eventually.