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“DOUBLE FULL is HOT!” ~ Under the Covers

Let’s call this my surprise introduction to Kindle Alexander.  I’ve seen these books around for a while and I have to confess, the cover whore in me always loves the covers.  But I’ve also seen the books hyped so much that I was really nervous to read them because, quite frankly I was expecting a let down.

With that mindset going in, DOUBLE FULL grabbed my attention from the get-go.  I’m a sucker for m/m college stories, especially if they involve sports.  Another great thing about this was the gay-for-you angle.  First we have Colton Michaels, the star of the team.  He’s straight, he gets all the girls, he’s got a bright future in sports ahead of him.  But he can’t seem to stop thinking about the hot male cheerleader, Jace.  Except one night he decides to go for it and takes everything he’s ever wanted from Jace in the locker room.  Then takes him away on a 5 day vacation.  The best 5 days of his life.  But life has a way of ruining that happiness and his father forces him back on the straight path and onto the NFL.

A decade later, Jace owns a successful cheerleading school and Colton is a star quarterback for a team.  But both are having less than stellar personal lives.  Maybe it’s time they both come to terms with the fact they’ve never gotten over each other.

DOUBLE FULL is HOT!  Jace and Colton were hot then and they are hot now.  It was also cute to see them tiptoeing around each other at times.  Colton has managed to seriously hurt Jace in the past, and I was also happy to see that it wasn’t just “hey let’s forget everything happened and live happily ever after” for these two.  I would’ve still wanted to see some more groveling, but that’s just me.  Colton has also gone through a lot and even though it took a while for him to find the guts to do the right thing, he still did it with style in the end. 😉

The brief glimpse at the end about Mitch definitely has me interested in the next book and I will be reading it soon!  It seems it’ll be a completely different feel than this one because of the storyline, but if the writing is as good as this one, no problem!  I will be reading more by Kindle Alexander for sure in the near future, another addition to my must read m/m authors list.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Kindle Alexander.. she writes some of the hottest M/M romance I’ve ever had the privilege of reading. I love this series and it only got better in book 2… which says a lot because book 1 was amazing :). Thanks for sharing!!