I am glad I gave it a shot. It was just what I wanted, sexy, funny and choc full of sexy shifters. ~ Under the Covers

Naomi has is determined not have a shifter mate, she already has numerous brothers and a father who like to resolve their differences with their fists. She needs nice normal, albeit slightly boring, human who won’t break her furniture and stain the carpet with their blood whenever they get riled up. But fate seems to be against her as the universe has chosen her not one but two mates, Javier a jaguar shifter and Ethan a Kodiak bear. So what if they make her hot with just a look and treat her gently, she is a delicate freakn’ flower, she deserves it and she will kick their sexy arses before letting them ruin her furniture or her life.

I loved this book! I normally read Eve Langlais sci-fi romance, I am a sucker for a sexy alien, but I really liked the blurb (and name) of this book and I am glad I gave it a shot. It was just what I wanted, sexy, funny and choc full of sexy shifters.

However, it isn’t the sexy shifters Javier and Ethan that I really liked most about this book, although I could wax poetic about them; their lovely big…muscles, their senses of humour, how thoughtful they were, the list could go on. But it was Naomi who made me laugh and her insistence she was a delicate freakn’ flower, even if she had someone in a choke hold after kicking them in the family jewels, she was hilarious.

There was also a little intrigue subplot about someone trying to separate Naomi from her boys, but that was a little obvious and no where near as interesting or funny as watching the interplay between Naomi, Javier and Ethan. Together they made a great triad, the friendship between the guys (there is no m/m in this menage) and the attraction and affection they have with Naomi is shown well in this book. Especially the attraction, this book was hot and heavy as Javier and Ethan seduce Naomi.

I really enjoyed this book, it was a lot of fun, with some quirky characters and some hot threesome lovin’, I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

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  1. This is probably my favorite book by Eve. I cracked up through most of the book. Great job on the review, you captured it perfectly.