Review: Last Blood by Kristen Painter

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Review: Last Blood by Kristen Painter
Last Blood
Book Info

Released: July 30, 2013
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: House of Comarré #5
Pages: 464

“LAST BLOOD was not blood pounding but more of a steady simmer.” ~Under the Covers

It is bittersweet to see this series come to an end.  It seems as if it was yesterday that I attended NY Comic Con and listened to a panel where Kristen Painter talked about her experience with her first book and how she came up with her world.  I hadn’t really heard of her but I fell in love with the cover and quite frankly I loved her personality.  And that’s why I read it.

The House of Comarre is so unique and truly has it all.  Action, intrigue and romance.  We’ve been on this ride with Chrysabelle for a while and this is her final battle.  In LAST BLOOD , Chrysabelle has to save Mal from his old self.  He’s lost his feelings and his love for her and reverted to the predator he was before she came into his life.

While that happens, there’s a lot going on in the world around them.  Tatiana is still causing havoc, but now she has her own issues to deal with.  Creek has changes coming his way too and tough decisions to make.  Doc and Fi also have to make a stand in their pack.  LAST BLOOD ties things up with everyone.  I especially loved to see Fi’s strength in this book.

But all that aside, it’s Chrysabelle front and center.  I love the growth that her character has gone through.  She’s stronger but has opened up.  And now she’s ready to fight for that happiness she deserves.  To protect the ones she loves.  And Mal, well, just when I thought I would be upset with him, I’m still as enamored with him as ever.  Their love is strong and has overcome many tests.

LAST BLOOD was not blood pounding but more of a steady simmer.  Once you’re hooked, you’re captured for the duration of the story.  Every part, every change of POV, every character, every story.  Even though I’m sad to see this series end, I’m happy that the author has done such an amazing job with the story.  She’s given everyone the perfect ending and we are not left to wonder about anything.  Job well done, this is how I like to see a series end!

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