It seemed like a relatively simple job for Dory, find the vampire nightclub owner and take him to Mircea for questioning about smuggling from Faerie; so how did she end up protecting a headless body with a hoarde of vampires and fey chasing? Something has been smuggled away from Faerie that every vampire senate member wants their hands on and the Fey want back and Dory is stuck in the middle.

Another thrilling action packed book from Karen Chance! The stakes have been raised in Death’s Mistress as Dory unintentionally gets involved in the lethal world of vampire politics.

What I loved about this book was that it gave you a much deeper insight into Dory, Mircea and Louis Cesare’s character and their connection. Things were revealed, especially about Louis-Cesare that I have been dying to know since I started the Cassie Palmer series. And not only was Dory’s smoking hot relationship with Louis-Cesare progressed in this book but you can see a slow bond forming between her and her father Mircea, which I hope will continue to flourish in the next book.

As well as having soem great character development the story in this was interesting and kept me guessing to almost the end. I liked how she didn’t just have a massive information dump at the end; each layer of information was revealed through out the book ratcheting the tension up right to the final page.

A fantastic book that revealed more about Dory and Louis-Cesare and was paired up with a fast moving and fascinating story line as well as a good dose of humour and great writing; I can’t wait to start on Fury’s Kiss!

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  1. When I read the first Dorinda book I had not realized it was tied to the Cassie Palmer books…now I have both series so I’m planning to start over – just need to find the time:)