She was determined that, together, they would find a way to use her gift to cure his curse.

Such an amazing story. This is my first book from C.L.Parker and I can say this, it will not be my last.  Where should I start? From the very beginning I was pulled into this fascinating world of ghosts, witches and gay best friends lol. The chemistry between the main characters was HOT. Dominic Grayson you sexy fictional character you!! Ahhh  I love how protective he was with Kerrigan, even from the very beginning! Love that C.L put some J.R Ward references in the book!!!

Kerrigan Cruz comes from a bloodline with the special ability to save peoples free will. Not knowing that she has these gifts, it takes the death of her grandmother for her to see that she is indeed special and very valuable. Dominic Grayson (sexy sexy man who I want to ravish) has a dark past and a dark secret, but with the help of Kerrigans grandmother he’s able to straighten his life out. Right before she dies, Kerrigans Grans ask Dominic to watch over and protect Kerrigan. But will he be able to that having some many secrets?

The secondary characters had me rolling on the floor. Gabe OMG how I love this character. I wish he was my best friend because then there’ll be no reason to be sad lol. I also love how Dom says “Querida” ooooo shivers down my spine! AN AMAZING STORY! I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a good laugh with a cute/sexy love story! Now on to book two!

Favorite Quotes:

“Back off, Dom-Dom,” Gabe warned. “You’ve been monopolizing every second of every day lately. I never get to spend any time with my Kerr Bear. If you try to take her away from me before I get bored with her, or meet some hot surfer boy, I swear I will climb up one side of you and down the other like a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew.

So, you just carry your tight little ass back on over there with Hotty McHotterson and Spanky McSpank-me-some, then all three of you can strip your shirts off, and we’ll sit over here and enjoy the view. And so help me God, Dominic,” he took a breath. “If even one of these skanks so much as tries to lay a hand on any of you, they will get their weave snatched out their head. So, try to keep the flexing to a minimum, m’kay? And would it kill you to bend over every now and then? We’d like to check out your ass-sets.”

“Get off your fat ass, and go get the boy.” He shoved her off the couch with his foot, and then he started mumbling under his breath. “I swear to Oprah! Hetero bitches sit around moping all day, expecting Prince Charming to come to them, instead of taking some initiative and going after what they want. I am so glad that I’m gay and don’t have to put up with you timid little skanks.”

“Yeah, that would’ve gone over really well,” he said sarcastically. He changed his tone of voice to sound cheerful. “Hi, I’m Dominic Grayson. I’m living with your grandmother because she’s protecting me from this evil bitch who wants to steal my soul so that my dead father can take over my body. Yeah, I know…kind of sounds like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but really, it’s not the same thing. Said evil bitch tried it once, but in the end, all she managed to do was turn me into half a man, you know…’cause I’m a ghost at night and all. So, if you hear creepy noises in the house, don’t pay any attention to it. It’s just me, gettin’ my spectral spook on.”

*Review copy provided by author

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  1. his book is a great start to an amazing series. I have fallen in love with this series and the characters. Parker is one of my favorite authors and is truly amazing!

  2. I too love this series of books. C.L. is a secret that needs to get out to everyone. They just don’t know what they’re missing. The way she brings her characters to live is astounding. There is not a boring page. The seconc book, Cataclysm, picks up where Supernova left off and don’t forget the final book, Nexus with its epic ending!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books.