Kari hesitantly steps through the doors of Club Shadowlands. As a teacher she isn’t the number one poster girl for a BDSM club, but that doesn’t stop her. She enters with her boyfriend, Buck. Though he’s a nice guy and they’ve done some BDSM stuff together, Kari doesn’t feel entirely safe with him as her Dom.

When they go for Beginner classes at Club Shadowlands, a fight with Buck leaves Kari regretting her decision to come even before the classes start. However, Master Dan is there to sort through the fight and lend a shoulder to Kari.

His caring and soothing voice comforts Kari and soon she finds herself in his arms, locked around her tightly. Cherise Sinclair does a fantastic job of making Kari’s initial fear come out naturally. If you’re interesting in reading some BDSM but are unsure of your comfort level, then I would recommend you read Sinclair’s work. She does a great job of easing a reader into wanting more in slow intervals and increasing the sexiness in increments so that it seems like a natural progression instead of a sex free-for-all.

I remember being surprised by the building of trust in Sinclair’s previous books. But reading DARK CITADEL, I knew she wouldn’t let me down. And wow, I just adore her ability to bring two people together- one unsure and scared about how sexy she should be and the other harbouring grief and loneliness after a recent loss. Sinclair hits it right on the spot. BDSM is about giving up your trust to someone else and Kari does that, completely and wholly. And it’s believable.

I’m dying for some Cullen loving, but I know I have a few more books to read before I get there. But I’m not complaining. If you love BDSM, then Sinclair is your girl. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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