Having recently hit #1 on the NYT bestseller’s list, I knew I had to read a Robyn Carr book!

This being my first book from her popular Virgin River series, I worried that I wouldn’t understand what was going on. However, I had no problem jumping into Carr’s world and falling in love with her stories. Carr has a unique style to her writing that is easy to read and follow. I also admire authors who can do this because especially in long series, you don’t always get the chance to start from book 1.

In HIDDEN SUMMIT, Conner Danson has been busy with getting his life back on track. As the only witness to a murder, Conner is now forced to go under witness protection and is placed in Virgin River as he awaits the trial.

Meanwhile, Leslie Petruso makes Virgin River her new home as she tries to escape her ex-husband’s gripping hands as he tries to keep in touch with her even though he has a newly pregnant wife. As both Conner and Leslie use Virgin River as a place to hide from others, they actually find themselves and find love in one another.

I am a little conflicted while rating this because I always have a difficult time liking a story when one of the characters, either the hero or heroine doesn’t want to fall in love. Though I do like the chase, sometimes it can run on for too long and I just want to scream, “accept them already!” However, with both the hero and heroine not looking for love, I felt that this was a little frustrating.

Individually, I liked Conner and Leslie. While Conner busies himself with work all the time, in this book, he learns to take a step back and allow himself to breathe just a little while Leslie learns more about herself and builds up that self-confidence that she was lacking. So while the characters were enjoyable, this wasn’t a complete hit because of the time it took them to notice their chemistry.

I think the best thing I can do is go back and read this series from book one. I liked Carr’s writing style enough to pursue previous books by her. So I am looking forward to visiting Virgin River again!

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  1. I have a Robyn Carr book, but I haven’t read it yet.
    I am amused by what you found annoying in their relationship in the story. I have the urge to bop fictional people all the time for their blindness to their own happiness opportunities.

    Thanks for the review!