“Dark Bites is a great big book of Dark Hunter novellas; a fabulous treat for Kenyon fans. ” ~ Under the Covers

Dark Bites is a great big book of Dark Hunter novellas; a fabulous treat for Kenyon fans. All these short stories are entertaining and some hotter than others but all stories are great reads.  There are twelve short stories plus a bonus scene from the Guardian.  Most of these were initially released from anthologies which I’ve listed below.

From the World of the Dark-Hunters:

  1. House of the Rising Son –First time in Print. A prequel to Styxx.
  2. Phantom Lover – This is V’Aiden and Erin’s Story and it originated from Midnight Pleasures anthology.
  3. Winter Born – Dante and Pandora’s Story and this novella came from Stroke of Midnight
  4. A Dark-Hunter Christmas –Gallagher and Simi’s Story (not romantically) originated from Dance with the Devil
  5. Until Death WE do Part – Velkan and Espertta originated from Love at First Bite
  6. A Hard Day’s Night Searcher -Rafael and Celena originated from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
  7. Shadow of the Moon – Fury and Angelia’s story which originated from Dead After Dark
  8. Fear the Darkness –First time in Print. Nick Gautier
  9. Where Angels Fear to Thread –Zeke  originated from Blood Lite
  10. Love Bytes -Unrelated Story
  11. Santa Wears Spurs -Unrelated Story
  12. Redemption: A Bonus Scene from The Guardian -Seth & Lydia.

I enjoyed all of these shorts.   Some I’ve just read before and some are new to me.  My faves are House of the Rising Son which is a short story connected  to Styxx.  It’s actually a prologue to his book.  My next fave is Fear the Darkness.  This novella is a short glimpse of Nick after the biggest tragedy in his life.  I think Kenyon really shows how bitter he had become and you  will sympathize with him.  And last is Shadow of the Moon.  This one is Fury’s story. He meets his mate and I think this is the hottest of them all.  There’s just something about the shifters when they are mated; uncontrollable and undeniable lust and love.  Very romantic.  What I love most is that seeing any of the DH, Simi, and other members of the series. I found myself paying extra attention to make sure I don’t miss them.  Overall, Dark Bites is a good investment for Kenyon fans.

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