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“O’Connell excels at writing romances that resonate emotionally and her characters are fantastic creations…”
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Katherine Grant’s life takes an unexpected twist when the coach she is on gets held up by robbers…and then she gets ‘saved’ by a band of Native Americans. From that point her life turns into something she never expected including falling in love with a man she never imagined.

Ellen O’Connell is one of those authors that every now and then I decide to reread her books; because they are amazing. However, there is that tiniest bit of trepidation every time I open them up; we’ve all had that experience of rereading a book and it not quite being as good as you remember. So each time I crack open her books I get a little nervous, but as the pages fly by and I curse O’Connell for not being a more prolific author, I wonder what on Earth I was worrying about. So, I give you this review after having read Dancing on Coals many times and I can inform you that it very much stands the reread test.

What I love about Dancing on Coals (apart from everything) is the slow build. This isn’t a romance that happens right away, it grows through out the book to the point where you can’t really pinpoint exactly when it was that you started to cheer them on as a couple. But, not only does the relationship build and grow but so do the individual characters, at the end of the book Gaetan is a very different character to the man you meet at the beginning. Katherine, less so, she is just as stubborn and headstrong at the end as she was in the beginning, traits that come in handy along the course of Dancing on Coals.

O’Connell excels at writing romances that resonate emotionally and her characters are fantastic creations, with flaws and strengths like any one else and Dancing on Coals is a prime example of this. So if you want a western historical romance that will stay with you and compel you to reread, just like it has done me, I urge you to pick this up.spacer

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  1. Thanks. Sounds like it could be interesting. I think I’ll check out some other reviews first though; I haven’t always had the best experience with western historicals.

    1. Haha, she does have some of the worst covers ever, my favourite book by her is called Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold and it has the most awful cover. Yes, please pick it up and give it a go and let me know what you think.


  2. Oh, man. Just last week I was thinking that I need to do some O’Connell re-reads, and you were able to do it. I’m so jealous.

    So glad you enjoy her books, too. She is wonderful. And you mentioned my favorite aspect of her stories – the slow build. She writes it beautifully. Great review!

  3. You are absolutely correct. Ms. O’Connell needs to write more books! I have read all five of her historical western romance novels and they are interesting in their narrative, compelling in their characterization and lyrical in their wordcraft. I cannot recommend them highly enough.