“Me Love Sexy Cyborgs”
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In the Cyborg Sizzle universe, the Human Alliance have been producing cyborgs, who they believe to be just machines, to fight their wars, carry out their atrocities all whilst abusing them in the all the terrible ways you can think of. After all, they’re just machines right? Wrong. The cyborgs are more than just machines and they will get them and their brethren out from the control of the evil Human Alliance to live their lives in freedom. And, when they find that special woman? She’s coming right along with them.

1 review…11 books – 8 full length and 3 novellas – normally I would do an individual review for each book, however,  I read all of these in quick succession and I wanted to save you from essentially reading the same review 11 times. The review goes something like this: Me Love Sexy Cyborgs. Repeat. As well as this, the books all followed a very similar pattern, made very apparent by the fact that I literally read them one after another, which is an endorsement in itself. However, before you have gotten a few pages in you essentially know exactly what is going to happen when, but that didn’t stop me from coming along for the ride anyways.

Like in all series, I had my favourites, my absolute favourite being Ghost of a Machine, and I had the ones I didn’t gel quite so well with. But, as each book gave me a sexy cyborg to lust over I was happy with each instalment. And dayum them cyborgs…they know how to get a lady all hot and bothered. Whether it’s by their clueless adoration, their sexy dirty talk or the mad oral skills they somehow managed to pick up I was a goner for each one of them.

So, if like me you enjoy s sexy sci-fi romance story – heavy on the sexy romance, light on the story – these books are a lot of fun. The cyborgs in it are both sweet and intense and the heroines run the gamut from sweet and submissive, sassy and impulsive, brainiacs and badasses. Now, that I have read everything out I am now itching to get my hands on the next in the series!

P.S. last time I checked Releasing Rage the first book in the series and all the novellas were free on Amazon.


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