Cowboy Take Me Away leaves me with only one question….why does it have to end?! ~ Under the Covers

Cowboy Take Me Away is the last book in the Rough Riders series and Lorelei James has brought the series full circle by telling the tale of Carson and Carolyn McKay, the fountain from which (most) the sexy McKay cowboys have sprung. If you have read the Rough Riders series, then the prospect of seeing and mummy and daddy McKay getting together may not excite…and this is where you would be so very very wrong, right here we have the original McKay bad boy and the woman strong enough to take him on.

Cowboy Take Me Away takes the flashback route to showing you Carolyn and Carson’s relationship, giving you their past and their present. It was all very poignant, I admit that I shed a few tears, I don’t think Carson and Carolyn’s devotion for one another has really come through in the previous books, but even thinking now, a few days after reading the book, about their marriage and love for one another brings a lump to my throat. You just know that one could never be without the other and this book demonstrated this really well.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lorelei James book if we didn’t have some crazy hot sex and I wasn’t disappointed! Mummy and Daddy McKay definitely have the moves and I was getting all hot and bothered reading about them. What surprised me was how sassy and bold sweet Carolyn West McKay was and one of the hottest scenes in the book was when she told him exactly who he belonged to, I loved the role reversal.

She inched closer to him. “Remember that the next time floozies are sniffing around you. remember who fucked you outside a bar. Remember who sucked you off in her car. Remember that you’ll never find a woman who gives you what I do in and out of bed. Remember you’re mine and I take are of what’s mine.”

But this book didn’t just show you how they got to together, it showed the good times in their marriage and the not so good, showing you the life they lived, rather than just happy memories and sex. It also gave you a different perspective on the conflicts that they had with their kids, the heroes from the beginning of the series, which was fascinating to read. We also got stop in visits from some old favourites from the beginning of the series, which gave you a chance to have an update and a goodbye from all the characters.

I loved this book, it was an emotional read that had me laughing, crying and panting for more, Lorelei James has really finished this series on a high note and Cowboy Take Me Away leaves me with only one question….why does it have to end?!

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  1. I completely agree! Although I am very sad to see this series end I am glad it went out on a very, very high note. It is probably the best in the series! In fact it made me want to go back and reread the series. If only I didn’t have sooo many other books I want to read too. I have no doubt I will read this series again from start to finish and love them every bit as much the second time through!

  2. I started reading erotic romance books with Long Hard Ride and had this series on auto-buy. I haven’t started this book yet but I am looking forward to it. Thanks for the review.