” It has everything I love, a very resilient and likeable heroine, aliens who look like aliens and an adorable sweet romance.”
~ Under the Covers

One minute your looking after the animals on your small farm, the next you’re beamed up into alien spaceship. By accident. When Lily looks around she realises that she is the only “person” here, every other creature that has been captured is exactly that…a creature. When abducting her farm animals the aliens mistakenly took her as well. Which explains why she is now marooned in the middle of the jungle on an alien planet with only the clothes on her back and her limited survival skills for company. Until Frrar, Tor and Arruk find her. And she accidentally marries them. All 3 of them.

I kept seeing Chosen popping up on my recommendations and I decided to give it ago. I was immediately hooked. It has everything I love, a very resilient and likeable heroine, aliens who look like aliens and an adorable sweet romance.

Stacy Jones did a great job with the romance in Chosen, Tribe and Tribe Protector all of which are about the romance between Lily and her men. With reverse harem books I’ve noticed that authors can struggle clearly defining the characters of each person in the ‘harem’. But Jones did an excellent job of giving Frrar, Tor and Arruk their own personalities and quirks and I quickly fell in love with all 3 of them.

In Tribe we are then introduced to a possible new member of Lily’s harem Draak, the twin brother of Arruk. Again, Jones has got me falling in love, this time with the wild and scarred up male and the relationship develops further in Tribe Protector. And, although Draak is a later addition to her harem, he seems to fit perfectly. Jones has created such great chemistry between Lilly and all of her guys, both individually and collectively. Draak seems to slot right in.

If you are a fan of V.C. Lancaster’s Ruth and Gron series this has a similar kind of feel. Aliens who live in a fairly primitive matriarchal society where the female takes many males as her mate. I would also recommend this to anyone who wants to read a really cute romance and doesn’t mind that the heroes aren’t human…and have tails.

I am now eagerly waiting to see what Jones will bring out next. It says that this is the finale in the series, however, she does leave some possibilities with other characters we meet along the way.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that she comes back and revisits the tribe! spacer

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