“Elle Kennedy certainly turns up the heat with these!”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been wanting to read this series since….forever!  Annie had actually read some of it years ago when it first released through Samhain and after that I got into reading Elle Kennedy.  She’s now one of my favorite romantic suspense authors and the fact that this was about military heroes and it’s an erotic romance series… well, that seemed to be right up my alley.  Plus, those new covers are just HOT!  This first book actually has three short stories.  I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of short stories because they often feel rushed for me.  But I think Ms. Kennedy managed to give us a great intro to the series with these!  And yes, I definitely have my favorite of the bunch.


This was my favorite story from this book.  The hero, Garrett, has been lusting after Shelby for about a year and thinks she’s not interested.  Shelby has been feeling the same about Garrett.  By pretty much accident they stumble across some flirting and end up acting on those feelings and quickly realize they go deeper than a physical attraction.  I think this was the best story for many reasons.  I really felt the connection between Garrett and Shelby.  Maybe that’s because there’s the backstory of them knowing each other for a year before this, but it just worked for me.  Garrett is also adorable and my favorite hero from the three stories here.  Also….it’s the hottest, in my opinion.


We met the sexy hero of this story in the first one when he was part of a threesome between the main couple.  Now they are getting married and ends up having a fling with a waitress at their wedding.  This was the one that felt a little too rushed and maybe even borderline insta love for me.  I always run the other way when insta love is involved.  That being said, I really liked the hero and I thought their story was cute.


I’m shocked this wasn’t one I was more invested in.  Best friends for years who finally admit they have feelings for each other and act on those feelings.  She especially struggles with not wanting to lose that friendship by crossing the physical line.  This is a trope I usually eat up, but maybe it was how short it was that felt like it was missing a deeper connection?  I’m not sure what to put my finger on.  It’s an entertaining read and as always the hero is sexy and alpha, as the rest of the Navy SEALs in this series.  But it was the most forgettable of the three for me.

I’m really excited about continuing to read this series.  Elle Kennedy certainly turns up the heat with these!  I can’t wait to read more from her alpha men.



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