…You are sucked into the story and Lane expertly draws emotions from you until you feel as if you are wrung dry. ~ Under the Covers

Where to start with this review? Words seem inadequate when describing this book. What Amy Lane does in this book is impressive and very heartbreaking. Here we have a hero who is portrayed to be the golden boy – Chase has the good looks, a nice girlfriend and the perfect outlook for a bright future. But the book takes a dark turn very early on when Chase takes a razor blade to his wrist and pierces his skin. Immediately you are sucked into the story and Lane expertly draws emotions from you until you feel as if you are wrung dry.

The story is told in a series of flashbacks and flashforwards which was confusing for me at first. But once you get the rhythm of it, it’s fine and you can come to appreciate the skill that Lane displays in writing this story.

Layers and layers of Chase are uncovered and readers get an unfiltered look at his life. You see his internal struggle with himself and his desires, you see the abuse he has experienced with his family and you see the pain he harbors within himself. This book may not be for everyone, but it sure will touch those who are brave enough to read it. I know I felt every emotion Chase did.

Another great thing I loved about this book is the porn star element of it. Lane brings readers into the porn industry and I thought it was very interesting. It also allows for Lane to introduce other characters and in true Lane fashion, you seem to fall for them as well.

However, there were two things that irked me a bit about the book. The first thing is the blatant lying and cheating. I don’t like reading about cheating in my books AT ALL. So it sort of rubbed me the wrong way, especially since it was so unapologetic in the first half. Secondly, I thought Tommy and Chase’s relationship seemed to bloom too fast in the beginning. There’s nothing I hate more than instalove. It just felt too quick when Chase flies to see Tommy when he is experiencing problems with his family. Add that to the fact that he is cheating while doing it, seemed to make it worse for me.

All in all, I loved several aspects of this book and even though some things didn’t work for me right away, I don’t think you can separate yourself from Chase’s character while reading this. You feel what he does and Lane really and truly knows just how to break a heart.

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  1. I preferred the second book and its heroes better than this one which got a bit angsty for me. Thanks for sharing.