“I was completely taken in by this one from the first page.” ~Under the Covers

First I’ll just get to the point and say how much I loved Breaking Skye.  Novellas aren’t usually my favorite reading length, as the stories are often too short for satisfying character development.  I was completely taken in by this one from the first page.   While I like BDSM stories that take place in clubs and with experienced players, I really appreciate one where the woman is new to the lifestyle, but not clueless.  Skye is a strong, intelligent and independent woman who has harbored submissive desires long enough to finally reach out to someone online.  When she meets Adam, a longtime Master, she is captivated from the first moment.  Adam trains submissives, but doesn’t become involved with them emotionally.   Little does he know that Skye will challenge his boundaries.   He can’t help but be inexplicably drawn to her.  Their scenes are hot, but about to become hotter if he can’t control his desire for not only her mind, but her body.

I loved Breaking Skye because I found it to be so believable.  Bradley captures the emotions of a new sub perfectly, from the infatuation of the first meeting, to her first time in subspace, to the languid calm that one experiences during aftercare.  The actual play is fairly tame, but it goes to show that enjoyment of a story, just like a scene, is not so much about the actions that take place, but how they’re spun together to capture the mind.  A simple spanking can be more erotic than the dirtiest sex if done right and this story really delivered for me on that front.  Skye’s initial resistance and apprehension, her blatant fear, is spot-on.  Adam’s dating life is a bit of a shock to the reader, but also very real life.  I loved that the action was in a bedroom, not in a club.  No intricate bondage or spectacle sex, just real D/s exploration that rung true.   I few more scenes would be awesome Ms. Bradley!  I’d love to see these characters again.

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