Always free-flowing and engaging, Michaels’ writing never fails to lure me in. ~ Under the Covers

Tere Michaels is one of those authors whose new work I pick up without even learning of what it’s about. I adore Michaels’s writing and can’t ever seem to pass up on any of the books. HEIR APPARENT caught my interest because of the amazingly sexy cover. It’s gorgeous!

But perhaps another great thing about this book is Michaels writing. Always free-flowing and engaging, Michaels’ writing never fails to lure me in. In this book, Michaels tells the story of a wealthy businessman named Henry Walker, who is the heir to a big company and his childhood friend/driver/lover named Archie Banks.

Because Archie is employed by Henry and his family, they must keep their relationship a big secret. But with Archie almost finished with school, the possibility of Archie leaving for greener pastures seems like a threat to Henry and their affair.

Michaels builds a strong romance for Archie and Henry. There’s even some hot sex as well, which is a bonus since Michaels tends to go for sweet rather than sexy. The great amount of emotion regarding their relationship and events that happen in this book makes this novella engaging and poignant. The kidnapping scene gives readers an extra taste of action that I thought propelled this story further.

However, the mystery of the whodunit seemed a little too obvious from the beginning and the characters still seemed oblivious to it. I think the author may have planted clues with a heavy hand. Mystery is tough to do because you require that balance – Leave enough clues to keep readers guessing, but not enough to make it seem obvious. Despite the obvious mystery, Michaels pens a great romance that I think readers will enjoy.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Coincidentally, I saw this when I was browsing at an on-line shop yesterday and thought it sounded good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!