“Another great addition to everything The Hollows related!  Not to be missed!” ~ Under the Covers

If you had the chance to read the first graphic novel for The Hollows, BLOOD WORK, you will know that these glimpses into the series are told from Ivy’s POV.  Also an important point is that they are telling of their early days as partners working for the IS.  I find that I can just eat these up!  They are full of an emotional and conflicted side of Ivy, when she wasn’t as in control and comfortable with herself.

In BLOOD CRIME she is still very much under Piscary’s thumb while she’s trying to not respond to Rachel the way she is.  She wants Rachel’s blood, she also wants her body.  She is fighting that attraction every day while now trying to find the one responsible for trying to kill Rachel, and just keeping the accident prone witch out of trouble.

This was also Rachel showing a stronger side, starting to make her own potions and going after the bad guys.  It’s so nice to revisit these days when it wasn’t all about dark auras, dark magic and trips to the ever after.  When things were simpler, even if still dangerous.

Again, kuddos for the illustration.  I feel that it captures the essence of the characters and I love seeing the sleek sex appeal for Ivy and the bubbly bombshell for Rachel.  I can’t wait to see Jenks in one of these!!!  Please!!!

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  1. I really like this series… but I don’t know about the graphic novels. I know I need to stop being a snob and give one of them a try 🙂