When the gates of hell are unlocked, the world falls under attack by Dark Breeds and it is The Order’s job to protect each species in this world. When they realize they can’t do it alone, they call upon their most qualified member, Kyana.

Kyana is half Vampyre, half Lychen and in her world, she’s considered an abomination. But instead of living up to all the stereotypes of what everyone thinks she is, she gained control of her beasts and did something good with it by becoming the best Tracer for The Order. Not only is she the best, but, Kyana is a baaaadd bitch! She’s a shoot first; ask questions last type of heroine. She’s a leather wearing, beat your ass into next week heroine. I just LOVE bad ass heroines.

Now Kyana is asked to save the world and in doing so she is paired up with Ryker. Ryker is a well-built, blond hair, tanned, demi-god who is charged with helping Kyana save the world, only problem is they have history. And Kyana is not at all happy about working with the man who rejected her “open invitation” years ago. And what’s even worse? The two of them haven’t gotten over each other one bit.

With their pasts between them, Kyana and Ryker must learn to co-exist in order to get through the task at hand but as the days go by they find themselves being pulled together by the connection they shared years ago. Will they be able to save the world and what could possibly be between them?

Ascension is the first book in the Dark Breed series and has all the elements of a great Urban Fantasy. It has been a while since a series has grabbed me by the bra strap and spanked me sideways. From the very first page you’re thrown into action packed scenes. You can’t help but be pulled into this world full of different types of paranormal beings. If you’re into Vamps, Lychens (wolves), witches and Greek Mythology with a twist, then, what are you waiting for?


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  1. Lol…love when you said a series hasn’t grabbed you by the bra strap…..lol….This really sounds good and I’ll have to add this book to my wish list. Thanks for the review