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ARC Review: Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Time Untime
Book Info

Released: August 7, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Hellchaser #5
Pages: 414

Another fabulous read from the Dark Hunter series and the feel of the story reminds me of Kenyon’s earlier DH books. Yes, the tortured hero and heroine strong enough to heal him, the Dark Hunters camaraderie, sarcastic humor, the funny banter, action, battle between good and evil, and a sigh inducing romance.

But this book differs from the rest as the Atlantean and Greek mythology background is now combined with the Mayan mythology. It is full of background information and can be a bit overwhelming but it did not hinder what I felt for the book. I loved every bit of it.

Renegade Waya (Makah’alay Omawaya in his previous life) or Ren was the Guardian but lost his position to his conniving brother, Cayote. Mentally and physically abused by his father and brother, he became a loner and detached. Even as a Dark Hunter, he just never trusted anyone. Whereas Kateri is just out in the open, honest and more than willing to put herself out there. And when she got to know Ren her loving side was able to soften him up to trust again. I may have made her sound like a girly girl but let me assure you, she can hold her own in battle. Ren and Kateri are perfect of each other. They’re journey to their HEA was a rough journey but damn they totally pull it off. The intimate scenes were not as hot but I felt thier romance grow to love within a timely manner. In fact, their love story made me cry. Kenyon was good to put these two together.

She also does a wonderful job with recap and while doing so, we get the chance see other Dark Hunters. Such as Talon, Sunshine, Sasha, Urian, Alexion and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say my heart skips a beat when Ash and Nick’s name is mention on the page. Nick really had softened up a bit in this book and Ash has a new look I’m not sure I like. But as he and Tory said “it will grow back”. I’ve really missed him. I’m sure we’ll get a good amount of him in the next book, “Stixx” released August 6, 2013. And my prediction is that it will be as impressive as Acheron’s book. I mean, almost as impressive. =)

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