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When Sir Ian Heald shows up at Miss Charlotte Vale’s door demanding to see one of Charlotte’s acquaintances little did she know that her carefully planned out existence would be in jeopardy. Meet, Miss Charlotte Vale, beautiful, intelligent and the headmistress of a school that teaches the dregs of society to step up the ladders in society. She is carefully ensconced behind her cause. You see, Lottie’s attractive and unique Mother has a mental illness which is explained to have been exacerbated  by Charlotte’s birth. So they have taken up on the artsy side of London, where hardly anyone would notice Lady Vale’s “eccentricities”

Sir Ian Heald holds his family in the highest regards, his love for them shines brightly when he goes in search of the woman that could ruin his beloved sister’s chance at a good future. She has stolen something of consequence and begun to blackmail Ian’s family and he must find her before it’s too late. From the first meeting with Charlotte, he attempts to keep his attraction for her in check, because when he finally does settle down, it’s going to be with a sweet and demure little country girl, not with the bold and tempestuous Lottie Vale… Yeah right. Charlotte is shocked to the core when Sir Ian sees Lady Vale at her worst and doesn’t run for the hills, but stays and saves the woman’s life.

Aside from agreeing to help Sir Ian find the blackmailer, she also thinks he would be a great way to rid herself of her virtue, so her her Father can’t marry her off. Charlotte’s greatest fear is going mad like her mother and he grandmother  and she lives everyday with those thought clouding her actions. Sir Ian becomes the most welcome distractions for Lottie, but is she being fair to herself and to Ian. Unbeknownst to Ian, Lottie has a colorful cast of characters of friends and acquaintance that takes them to the seediest part of London in search of the blackmailer. Lottie’s attempts at feeling nothing for Ian but passion goes the wayside when the quite proper Sir Ian jumps to the defense of a prostitute who was beaten by one of her customers.

How can these two star-crossed lovers come to terms with each of their discrepancies? Can Lottie put aside the possibility of madness and actually live her life to the fullest instead of waiting for what she thinks is inevitable? Will Sir Ian save his sister from a solitary life and launch her on society to be as successful and he knows she should be? All of these questions and so much more are answered in An Indiscreet Debutante by Lorelie Brown.

Have you ever have one of those books where you read the blurb and think to yourself you really aren’t sure you want to take the journey? Well for me, this was one of them and once again I was happily wrong. At first, I didn’t think Lottie and Ian had much depth, but they were hiding it from the world until just the right time. I love the sacrifice that Lottie makes for her mother, I love that Ian totally understands it and doesn’t try to change her, nor does Lottie try to make Ian into something he is not. The hunt for the blackmailer is only part of the tale, the bigger part is the indescribable passion these two characters have for one another and what they do with it. In addition, this is a really hot read, not only the scenes of extreme sexual tension, but the sex scenes themselves are REALLY hot. I truly enjoyed An Indiscreet Debutante by Lorelie Brown and I think you will as well.

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