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“Please, please, please Mary Calmes write more about Kiro and Ian! I’m begging you.” ~ Under the Covers

Why oh why did I not read this book when it first came out? I completely missed this release and am kicking myself for not enjoying it earlier. As you know, Mary Calmes is one of my all time favorite authors and she manages to impress me once again with ALL KINDS OF TIED DOWN. Think Sam and Jory but Miro Jones and Ian Doyle are US Marshals. If you’re a fan of Abigail Roux or Josh Lanyon’s Dangerous Games series, then you’ll absolutely love this one.

The entire story is told in first person POV from Miro’s perspective. Miro is an absolute doll. Much like Jory, his narration is fun and upbeat. But there’s an emphasis on the action side of with this story. As US Marshals, Miro finds himself in plenty of scary and dangerous situations that he often takes in stride. For some reason, that makes me love him and I don’t know why. Even with a broken wrist and bullets in his chest, the guy can still find humor in the things around him and that makes him so attractive in my eyes.

Ian Doyle though is…well, he is something else. A bit of an asshole, a tough guy and as straight as they come, Miro doesn’t think he will ever have a chance with his partner so he keeps his distance, trying not to brush him while Ian leans in to speak to him. I can tell you that the sexual tension in this book made me want to pop. It’s just so damn good.utc-top-pick

As the macho, grumpy guy, you’d think a guy like Ian would top. But no. What surprised me was that Ian needed someone who he trusted to hurt him and hold him down if that’s what he wanted. The only person fit for that job was Miro. And damn, Calmes absolutely nailed that first sex scene. It was absolutely explosive!

Numerous times throughout this book I laughed and I swooned. I felt like I could have read about these two forever. What’s cool is that if you’re a long-time fan of Calmes, she likes to interconnect her books and series with a few cameos. For example, Ian and Miro’s boss is Sam Kage. Duncan gets a mention and my love, Jory appears at the very end too. So in addition to an epic romance and stellar suspense, you get a heady hose of humor and some fun too. If that doesn’t sound good enough to read, then I don’t know what else will entice you but I absolutely fell head over heels for these buys.

Please, please, please Mary Calmes write more about Kiro and Ian! I’m begging you.

Favorite Quote: “I got you,” he whispered in my ear. It went both ways.

all kinds of tied down

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