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“Roni Loren gives her characters so much depth that I am helpless but to want to peel back all those layers.  And I loved what I found under these!” ~ Under the Covers

I started reading NOT UNTIL YOU back when it released as a serial.  And distracted reader that I am, and as much as I love the author, the series and this story.  I didn’t finish reading all the parts.  *Hangs head in shame*  And what a shame that was, because I was missing the most explosive and emotional parts of the story!

NOT UNTIL YOU is the story of Cela and Ian.  Cela is actually the sister of one of our already loved males in the series, Andre Medina.  Her family has certain expectations of her and one of them is that she’ll return home after graduation.  She’s young and innocent.  She’s the classic good girl that has lived under her family’s thumb for far too long.  And maybe she wants to live just a little before going back to her regulated lifestyle.

Enter Ian Foster, and his roommate Pike, who help rid Cela of inhibitions and show her she can have a great time being just a little bad.  But it’s Ian that captivates her heart, as well as mine.  Suit wearing, alpha male, that exudes dominance and power, while being serious and brooding.  Hits all the marks to probably make your next book boyfriend.  He’s the one that you want to save.  A tortured man that you’re willing to go past your limits to please.  And that is exactly what Cela does.

My favorite thing about their story was how polar opposites they were, but how well they complimented each other.  Like pieces of a puzzle.  They were perfect to drag out things from the other and help heal those old wounds.

As always with the books in this story, not only is NOT UNTIL YOU an erotic story, but it’s emotional.  We go through the ups and down with both Ian and Cela.  Their personal struggles as well as their relationship ones.  This was such a well rounded, great story that you won’t be able to not fall for these two.  Roni Loren gives her characters so much depth that I am helpless but to want to peel back all those layers.  And I loved what I found under these!

This edition has a bonus story!  I was so very pleased with SO INTO YOU because, even though it’s short, it managed to capture my interest and was very enjoyable!  This is about Bret, Foster’s friend, private investigator and Dominatrix.  And her partner Malone, alpha male and willing to explore his submissive side to be with her. Can’t wait to see more of these in the future!

Favorite Quote:

“Did you just say you missed my crazy?”

*ARC provided by publisher

crashintoyouBook 1 Still-Into-YouBook 1.5 MELTINTOYOUBook 2 Fall-Into-YouBook 3
notuntilyouBook 3.5 Caught-Up-in-YouBook 4 needyoutonightBook 5 Forever Starts TonightBook 5.5
nothingbetweenusBook 6

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  1. I am so into this series. I love the emotional connection I get each time no matter how steamy it gets. Nice review!

    I’m not a fan of serials b/c I want it all together. Glad this got put into a book.