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“I found myself at the edge of my seat…” ~ Under the Covers

While in the first installment, Roar, Aurora was eager to leave the world she was born into. Here in Rage, Aurora is eager to come back. Unfortunately, someone else rules her kingdom. In an attempt to reclaim it, Aurora is forced to take action, taking her rightful role of a princess and putting Roar on the back burner. The only way to win this is by joining the rebellion.

Princess Aurora’s relationship with Cass gets very complicated. She has to leave her rebellious side for her real-life royal persona. Unfortunately, this leaves Cass aside and her responsibilities upfront and center. I respect her for making this move and all her decisions in this book. Aurora has grown so much more mature in every way. Her evolving magic and its history also take the front page. I’m happy to say there is more magic-wielding in this book than the last. I loved seeing her take control of everything. From her magic to her situation to her emotions. Not to mention the magic that came her way. Go, Princess!

You’ll also see the other characters grow with Aurora. I feel that there was more focus on the side characters Kiran, Nova, and Jinx’s background, their current stories, and their friendship with Aurora. But what I love most is the action they all brought to the story. I found myself at the edge of my seat when they fought the raging storms.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a bit more than the first installment.


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