“PIECES OF ME has a dash of thrill with a good dose of sexy…”
~ Under the Covers

Whenever I see a new romantic thriller by Shiloh Walker I get excited.  This is the spot where I love Ms. Walker’s writing style the most.  Her stories always manage to bring enough of that thrilling edge to the story while still being sexy and romantic.

In PIECES OF ME we find our heroine a woman in hiding from her abusive ex husband.  She has a lot of trauma to still get through and recover from, even years later.  Drawing is her one outlet and it’s the very thing that gets her close to the mysterious Dillian she’s been lusting over and sketching for a while.

I was expecting a lot of unknown danger in this one and that’s not quite the direction of this story.  There’s still some but quite as thrilling as I was hoping for and I guess it was a nice change of pace from what I was expecting, but also left me a bit disappointed.  Our heroine is broken and fragile enough that it makes sense we don’t need to pile that much more on her.

I had to admire how she’s managed to survive on her own after something so traumatic.  Coping the ways she has to.  And slowly opening up to the touch of another man.  But I also found some other things about her interactions with Dillian to be a little strange, such as how easily she trusted him when everyone else seemed to be suspect in her eyes.  Shadow and Dillian had good chemistry together even if at first I thought he was moving a bit too fast and seemed too forward, but things made more sense in the end.  I also really liked his character and how protective and respectful he was of her.

PIECES OF ME has a dash of thrill with a good dose of sexy, but it was just missing a few key points to make this a stellar read.  Overall though, I still enjoyed it and can’t wait for more from Ms. Walker.




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    1. If you want a standalone, check out STOLEN. But I would start where I did, the Ash Trilogy. I loved that whole series. There’s a thread throughout all three where you’re trying to figure out who the killer is and it’s set in a small town so it has all those quirky little things mixed in as well. Let me know what you think if you try them.