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“…I truly love and enjoyed reading about the Pierce brothers…I especially love that the story is inspired by the TV show, Property Brothers”
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The black sheep of the family gets his HEA.  Tristan left his family and their family business a long time ago to pursue his own dreams.  But when his dad died, he needed to go back to help his brothers keep the business within the family.  What was never mentioned before is that along with leaving his family behind, he left a relationship that never got a chance it deserves.  A year has passed since he got back and it’s time to revisit the past.

I wasn’t too sure how I felt about Tristan. Though his reasons for leaving is valid, how he ended the relationship with Sydney wasn’t the best way.  Because of this, I questioned his love for Sidney the whole time. I don’t think he truly loved her in the beginning. He loved her, but not as much as Sidney loved him.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he fell in love with her now but he didn’t truly see Sidney for who she is.  Now that Sidney blossomed to be a strong independent woman, Tristan sees what he didn’t see before.

Sidney is without a doubt a smart, very strong and independent heroine. Despite her love for Tristan, she saw right through him.  She was not swayed to follow him just because she was head-over-heels in love with him. Instead, she stood strong, took care of herself, and her “personal business” (won’t spoil what business it is) and grew up to be an amazing person.  It shows through her friends, family, and her work at Pierce Brothers Construction.  This time, Tristan will see she is more than just the scared little girl who didn’t have dreams.  She is all woman, hear her roar!  Yeah, I was totally cheering for her. LOL

I am bummed that this is the end of this series, I truly love and enjoyed reading about the Pierce brothers; how they separated, united again, and each finding their happy endings.  I especially love that the story is inspired by the TV show, Property Brothers. I recommend this series and all of this author’s work to anyone who likes contemporary reads.  Though I’m excited, I have no qualms on waiting for Probst’s next series or books to come out.  She has not disappointed me yet.




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