“…we get PHOENIX REBORN.  Which was just too….. simple.”
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It is no secret that I’m a fan of this series.  When I first noticed there would be a m/m story as we found out one of the Pack members found his mate in a human nurse at the compound, I was extremely giddy.  Especially because he was rejecting the idea completely and I thought that would make for a good angsty story.

And then we get PHOENIX REBORN.  Which was just too….. simple.  The story, the characters, it just all felt like a waste of a good base for a book!  I started off liking both of them, but quickly realized Nix was going to annoy the crap out of me.  A lot of his issues come from the homophobia he had to deal with from his father.  And I’m sorry, after he’s now turned into a big bad shifter, I can’t get behind his way of thinking.  And after a while, Noah’s actions were also getting on my nerves.  So basically I spent a lot of time while reading this book wanting to shake both characters!

The one thing I did like was the tie in to the phoenix aspect and how the author was able to work that in.  But other than that, this book has left me a bit disappointed.  I’m not sure if I can say the author was comfortable writing a male/male couple.  The dynamics between them didn’t really work for me, and the sex got repetitive.  As always though, this is a series I’ll continue reading, even though sadly this one missed the mark for me.




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  1. We had similar reactions. I don’t think she was up for writing an m/m, either. This one felt off and there were so many chances for a deeper story that weren’t taken. I think it needed to be longer to develop it.

  2. I had so much trouble with the setup of this in previous books that I don’t want to read it. I can’t stand the idea that Nix sees himself as straight but his animal mates to a man. Sorry, no. Your animal should complement your sexuality also you see it, not contradict it. Not a book for me.