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Wicked Weapon had me reading on the edge of my seat for its entirety.”
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Cari Silverwood’s second installment in her Dark Hearts trilogy is Wicked Weapon and in my opinion, this is her darkest and most depraved yet.  Those of us that love dark erotica start to salivate at those words, but they are fair warning, as Wicked Weapon is not for the faint of heart.  In Wicked Ways, we see Zoire end up in the hands of two men, one a mesmer, able to control women at will, and other…somewhat of an unknown in terms of what role he will play in Zoire’s training.  As Wicked Weapon begins, so does Zoire’s training in earnest.  Mavros, formerly Mr. Black, is in charge and has plans to use Zoire to exact revenge for a wrong done to him by a groups of evil mesmers called the Collectors.  When the time is right, just as Zoire is preparing to be used, she is cast into the hands of evil again.  She’s escaped before with her life, but not unchanged or uscathed.   In this new world, the tables are turned and she is left in at the mercy of two mesmers who clearly have a clandestine side business in acquiring women for the “use” of their clients.   Grimm is there as well, but is he friend or foe?  Will Zoire be able to overcome the spell and escape with her life and her mind intact?

Ms. Silverwood has given a new warning on this trilogy and I think for good reason.  This is dark erotica, but as I have discussed with some readers as of late, dark erotica means something different to everyone.  Capture and torture but with a good guy sweeping in and a solid HEA?  Bad boy who loves his woman fiercely and who is his only exception?  Both can be classified as dark.  In Wicked Weapon, I think readers should be prepared for what feels more to me like erotic horror.  Everyone’s intentions are in question and we don’t see an HEA in any meaningful sense as of yet.  Is there a hit that one may come in book three? Yes, but it won’t be roses and sunshine, that’s for sure.   For me, that’s when I start rubbing my hands together in anticipation :).

Wicked Weapon had me reading on the edge of my seat for its entirety.  The ending had me worrying about my blood pressure as I sat in my doctor’s office, heart pounding out of my chest!  The atmosphere is sometimes dreamlike and often surreal.  The Collectors’ training mansion, where Zoire and Grimm are held captive, is a little house of horrors, with almost a fun house type of vibe.  It was deliciously disorienting and made for suspenseful reading.  Zoire doesn’t take kindly to being forced into the role of a robotic plaything and although she might comply, she has a devious mind that’s always turning.  Grimm starts to reveal what type of character he will become, but it’s not without heartache.  Zoire isn’t really buying into it.  We find out about Mavros’ motivations and although I don’t  know that I was supposed to feel this way, he’s the type of cold but measured Dom, self-serving but not cruel, that really gets me going.  In Wicked Weapon, there’s evil and then there’s EVIL.  Lots of blood and gore for the horror fans, some predicaments that had me cringing and panting at the same time, and no shortage of sex in bondage.  Wicked Weapon is the most suspenseful and atmospheric Cari Silverwood book to date and a whole new level of dark.  Book three can’t come soon enough for me, as where she goes from here is wide open and unpredictable.  If you can handle the dark side, you’ll be rewarded with this series.




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