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“Grayson is addictive.”
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You know I’m a fan of Whitney G. and what I love to keep coming back to are her trademark jerk heroes.  LOVE them!  So when I saw we would get another cocky hero I was all on board.  But ON A TUESDAY delivered something I wasn’t expecting and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.

First off, let me give you the “series” synopsis for this because I think it’s so cool I’ll be salivating for each story.

The “One Week” series is a series of short, standalone novels that are inspired by a day of the week, an Adele song, and a steamy romance trope.  The first book in the series is ON A TUESDAY and it’s a second chance romance inspired by Adele’s “When We Were Young”.  The next book in the series is ON A WEDNESDAY and it’s inspired by Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

Being the massive Adele fan that I am I couldn’t contain my excitement when Whitney G. first announced she was working on a book inspired by When We Were Young.  I assumed it would feature her classic jerk and for a little while at the beginning of this I kept expecting jerk Grayson Connors to make an entrance.  But you know what?  He may be cocky and super confident, but he has reason to be.  He’s the farthest from a jerk as possible and if anything he’ll probably be your next book boyfriend.  Grayson is addictive.

This story is told in a then and now way, focusing more on the then.  Grayson and Charlotte met senior year in college.  He’s the star quarterback needing some Literature credits and she’s one of the smartest girls in class but missed a few credits of her own and has to make them up by tutoring.  And yes, she ends up tutoring Grayson.  To say he’s smitten from the very first time they meet is an understatement and what I loved about him was his single minded focus and determination.  Nothing stops him from getting the girl he wants to give him the time of day.

Whitney G. writing always captivates me.  I couldn’t put ON A TUESDAY down.  I kept telling myself “just one more chapter”.  I even closed my kindle and tried to go to sleep but in the end I just couldn’t and had to know how it would end.  While at one point I figured out what happened between them it still didn’t take away my enjoyment of this story.

There’s an undeniable chemistry between Grayson and Charlotte.  There’s also a sense of true friendship and respect that I found commendable.  And while part of this story is set in college, the level of maturity then was nice to see.  While this may be low on the steam factor, it’s packed full of sexual tension and… did I mention you’ll fall for Grayson because he’s awesome like that?

Fans of the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy would probably enjoy this.  I, for one, loved it and I can’t wait to see how Ms. Whitney G. will deliver another Adele inspired novel.  I’ll just be sitting here salivating and wondering if we’ll get a good or bad boy.




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  1. I was expecting a jerk too cause she does them so well but he so wasn’t and yet I loved him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Francesca