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“He just made me swoon!”
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Every single time these ladies release a book, I’m giddy with excitement.  And I still haven’t been disappointed.  I hooked (pun intended) from the first scene in this book where the heroine goes into the emergency room to have a fishing hook removed from her butt and meets sexy British doctor, Simon.  From what this meet-cute can tell you, expect a lot of fun!

DEAR BRIDGET, I WANT YOU was everything I wanted.  It’s light and sexy, there’s an easy chemistry between the H/h and the characters and their issues are very real.  And it’s packed with delicious sexual tension and sexy banter.  Bridget is raising her son alone after her husband was killed in a car accident.  A nurse, struggling to keep all the bills paid, not knowing how to handle her son not having a male role model in his life and trying to fill that hole in his life herself … there was something very genuine about her character and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

Simon is obviously a doctor and younger than her (loved that!), almost on his way to moving back to his country.  He just needs a temporary room to rent while he finishes his internship at the hospital Bridget works at.  And that ends up being at Bridget’s house.  Simon is one of those heroes you just want to bundle up and keep in your pocket.  He’s sexy, he knows it and knows how to use that to his advantage.  But he’s not a player, he’s sweet with Bridget AND her son.  He knows just how much to push and when to express what he wants very clearly (did I mention the dirty talk?) at the same time giving her space.  I could go on for days about the perfection of this hero and his sexy words.  He just made me swoon!

As always, this writing duo knows just how to deliver a story and characters that are highly addictive and will have your nose stuck in its pages and not coming up for air until you’ve finished.  There’s a certain magic in their stories that I love being swept up in and this delivered that.  Just pick this up, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

Favorite quotes:

“My fingers were definitely working on behalf of my cock that unfortunately couldn’t be here to accept this award tonight.”

“Love makes you stronger, not weaker.”




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