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“OFF THE CLOCK is a slow sensual seduction.”
~ Under the Covers

New book by Roni Loren?  Yes, please!  I had no doubt that this new series was going to be everything I’ve come to expect from her.  It had me from the first line.

I really enjoyed how the author takes the time to tell us the story of how Marin and Donovan met in college and how their relationship developed.  The parts told during that time have a different feel, that almost feels new adult in the way it’s written, versus the adult parts now nine years later.  It was interesting that I could see a change in narration based on the maturity level of the characters.  This is only for a few chapters and I think it sets up their romance and their chemistry perfectly to give the basis of their explosive relationship almost from the start when they reconnect.

I’m always a sucker for second chance at love stories, and there is some talk about finding The One and being fated to someone not being possible because as sex therapists they’ve become a bit jaded.  And on the other than you have the true scenario of Donovan being that fated one true and only love for Marin from the very start.  That part was beautiful.

I absolutely adored both main characters, and even the side characters!  Donovan being the tortured hero that needs control, loves to role play and talk dirty trying to corrupt prim and proper Marin was a lot of fun to watch.  They complemented each other perfectly.  She wanted to explore, he wanted to teach her.  Almost nothing is off limits and there are some HAWT sex scenes that I will forever remember (and all my UTC girls will as well because I kept texting them about it).  There may or may not have been some whimpering involved.

This book has left me excited to see where this series goes.  It has just enough of the technical aspect of the subject matter being at a therapy center, and in this case focusing on sex therapy.  But that didn’t overwhelm the storyline, the romance and the of course, the sex.

OFF THE CLOCK is a slow sensual seduction.  Guaranteed to not let you go until you finish that last page.  Ms. Loren has a way of telling a story that sucks you in and has you turning the pages no matter what.

There is a short story at the end of this book as well and I was so happy to see it featuring characters that we met in the book as patients (it was a welcome bonus!)  I’m dying for the next one, can’t wait to explore all the characters at The Grove.

Favorite quotes:

“I wouldn’t mind being used by you, Marin.”

“I could make you shameless, Rush.”

“Any way I want.  That’s how I’m going to fuck you, Rush.”

“Shameless.  Who could’ve imagined?”
“You made me that way.”




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  1. It takes a talented writer to incorporate the na aspect as well as the adult/erotic romance …I’m interested to read this