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“[NOBODY BUT YOU is] classic Shalvis!”
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It seems like Shalvis has maybe saved the best for last. While I enjoyed the majority of this series, I always find that Shalvis keeps her best stories saved for the third book in every trilogy. NOBODY BUT YOU is no exception.

Jacob Kincaid is the twin brother to Hud who we’ve seen in the previous books. Before this we don’t really know much about Jacob apart from the fact that he left Cedar Ridge years ago. When he is on leave from the Army, he returns to his small town to try and mend the troubles between him and his brother. However, Jacob is finding it harder than he first let on.

Meanwhile, he encounters a fiery redhead who has just been separated from the cheating man in her life. Their meeting is very cute and classic Shalvis. Therefore, I was immediately sucked into this story. Jacob struck me as the perfect hero. He’s a little more on the quiet side with his own set of demons riding him. However, he’s very vocal when he needs to be. Especially when it comes to getting what he wants. I really, really loved his character.

Sophie Marren was also a delight. Although she has sworn off men, she has this endearing quality to her that made her easy to like. And she isn’t as self-destructive as I thought she would be when it comes to falling in love.

The only thing I wasn’t completely sold on is the family drama. This isn’t new for this particular series. Shalvis has been building up to this point over the other books in the series but seeing the way that the family interacted and knowing Jacob’s stance on everything from the beginning, I didn’t think the conflict had to be dragged out for so long. I much preferred seeing them all happy and together. Finally.

There is one that thing I do want to mention about this book. While there were times when I felt like Shalvis hit everything right on the head, there were several scenes in the book that came across as a bit clichéd or perhaps a little choppy. I felt that some of the ideas that the author had for some scenes weren’t carried out to the best of her ability. I know what Shalvis is capable of and I feel like she either didn’t believe in it or it didn’t translate as well on paper than it did in her head. So while not perfect, it’s pretty close! NOBODY BUT YOU is definitely my favorite of the series!




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