“The entire premise of this short story is ridiculous but Calmes somehow makes it entertaining as hell.”
~ Under the Covers

LAY IT DOWN is probably the most unique book that Mary Calmes has written. It’s definitely out there and a bit over the top but from the very first page, you can tell that Calmes is having fun with her writing and I found that I enjoyed myself. The entire premise of this short story is ridiculous but Calmes somehow makes it entertaining as hell.

Hudson Barber has a fraternal twin named Dalvon who was dating a Spanish billionaire by the name of Miguel Garcia Arquero. Strangely enough, Hudson wakes one more and finds himself in Ibiza where his brother has plopped him right in the middle of his own life. At first Hudson is extremely pissed off. He has his own life he wants back, but when he discovers that his brother is now dating his ex, Will, things get even more weirder.

Instead of going back to his life, Hudson starts making changes in his new life, like breathing new life into Miguel’s local business. And when Miguel returns home, he discovers that he is not only happy about the progress that has been made but he seems to happy to see Hudson as well.

This book isn’t a particularly long one and it definitely isn’t one to take seriously either. But by the summary you can tell that Mary Calmes is having fun and trying to write something completely different from what she is known for. I enjoyed it and like I always say, she’s always able to make me fall in love with her characters. Hudson was no exception.

Everything happens at a quick pace, including the romance but when a book is only 126 pages long, you kind of expect it to. If you can throw logic out the window for a moment and allow yourself to enjoy, I have to doubt that you’ll enjoy LAY IT DOWN.




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