Review: Nadine’s Champion by Ruby Dixon
Nadine's Champion
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Released: October 3rd 2019
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Icehome #8

Ruby Dixon has once again delivered a fun and sexy romp in on the ice planet…
~ Under the Covers

Oh guys…why can’t I be abducted by aliens, get stranded on an ice planet where I have a symbiotic worm thingy implanted in me, which then picks out my sexy alien soulmate? Basically, I want to crawl inside a Ruby Dixon book. I know it sounds weird, but believe me once you start reading and meet these adorable and gorgeous alien guys, you’ll be right there with me.

In Nadine’s Champion our heroine, Nadine isn’t quite as pleased as I would have been at being stranded on an alien ice planet. And, she defineitly isn’t happy about the hot looks that Thrand, one of the a’ani twins is sending her way. She is his second choice after all. But, it’s hard not to be won over by his charm, his cockiness and his delicious kisses.

Oh Thrand! What a sweetie, he is one of those heroes whose arrogance is kind of cute and cut with a lot of humour. He was also kind and so obviously smitten with everything Nadine that I am not quite sure how she resisted as long as she did. Nadine, was also a great heroine, although she is missing her family, especially her sister, she peseveres and is doing her best to make a life in her new reality.

Together they were fantastic, as always Dixon built up some fantastic sexual chemistry, but also did a good job of building up a friendship and mutual respect as well. There was also a lot of other drama going on in this book between other future couples as well as some outside threats.

Ruby Dixon has once again delivered a fun and sexy romp in on the ice planet and I am now eagerly awaiting whatever she has to bring out next.

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