“So if you’ve read [the Wilder] books and enjoyed them, I think you’d probably enjoy MY KIND OF WONDERFUL as well.”
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In book two of the Cedar Ridge series, Jill Shalvis presents readers with something a little different I think. The heroine, Bailey Moore, is a cancer survivor. After battling for her life, her outlook has changed and she intends on making every waking moment something to remember. While I liked what Bailey stood for, there were times when I thought she came across as too strong. Tired of existing in the background, Bailey is taking life by the hands and giving it a good shake. But there were times where I thought it was at the cost of others. In reality, they are quite small things because I still enjoyed myself but I didn’t love Bailey as much as I thought I would. She’s still a strong character but I just wished she settled down a little more. She seemed a little all over the place.

The hero, Hud, kind of reminds me of the heroes of Shalvis’ other series, Wilder. Hud kind of fits in with the strong, athletic group of men with that side of charm that Shalvis always infuses in her books. Once I made that connection, I quickly realized that this entire book could fit into the Wilder series as well. So if you’ve read those books and enjoyed them, I think you’d probably enjoy MY KIND OF WONDERFUL as well.

Shalvis is one of my favorite authors so I have some pretty high expectations after the Lucky Harbor books. Unfortunately, I don’t think this series is up to par with those but this romance is nonetheless sweet and inspiring. The one thing I would say is that some of these stories so far have been quite predictable. I don’t know whether that is a product of having read Shalvis for so long that I know her style so well that I can easily predict what’s to come or if the stories have really become cookie cutter. I am hoping that Jacob’s book hits hard and surprises me.




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