“…that’s Susan Trombley for you, she gets you falling for characters you’d never before considered lovable.
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Minotaur’s Curse continues Susan Trombley’s excellent Into the Dead Fall series and in this instalment we finally get Asterius’ story. Asterius is invulnerable. Almost. His only weakness is the golden ring in his nose, just touching it can bring the big Minotaur to his knees. But, the cursed ring can only be removed by someone who loves him. Lauren has fallen through a hole in her world and landed in the proverbial rubbish tip of the universe. It’s a hard world and she knows, despite her survival skills and her military training, that she won’t stay alive for long without help. When she meets a monster from legend she thinks that she’s finally met her end, instead he seems determined to protect and maybe even love her?

I’m in love. This happens quite a lot in the course of my reading, but it’s definitely the first time I have fallen for a Minotaur. The creature of legend with hoofs, horns and a golden ring in the nose. But that’s Susan Trombley for you, she gets you falling for characters you’d never before considered lovable. But, he was adorable…fierce and protective, I really enjoyed getting to know him better in this book.

As Asterius is a character from Greek legend, a monster that most people will recognise this book had a definite paranormal romance vibe to it. In some ways it could almost be a book in Trombley’s Whispers of the Bayou series – another series I love from her! And, I found the beginning of the book where there were minimal “sci fi” elements and it focused on Lauren and Asterius surviving together were by far the best parts of the book.

Unlike the other books in the series, this one isn’t reverse harem/menage story. I think this was a really good decision on Trombley’s part. Asterius’ possessiveness would not have allowed for this. After a long lonely life he has finally found a woman he loved and who loved him back. He wasn’t going to share her. As for Lauren…she wasn’t as open to the idea as the previous characters and I think it would have been an uncomfortable fit for her – no pun intended! That didn’t mean that this was any less romantic and it certainly didn’t affect the heat factor; this book was hot.

This was another great book by Trombley, I can’t wait to see what she brings out next.


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