“MIDNIGHT REVENGE didn’t take me on the high ride I was expecting.”
~ Under the Covers

I sit here incredibly torn about this review and this book.  Why?  Because I’ve grown to absolutely love this series and the past few books have kicked so much ass!!!  And I was excited to finally see D get an HEA.  He’s the quiet and brooding type, very rough and gruff, and I just couldn’t wait to see more of him.  I have to say, MIDNIGHT REVENGE didn’t take me on the high ride I was expecting.  And it all comes down to expectations.

Sofia Amaro has been patching up Jim Morgan’s men for a while from the jungles of Mexico.  She’s always considered Derek to be too brooding until one night he seems to show a physical interest in her and that sparks something in her.   Just one night is not what fate has in the cards for them.

Now, I could’ve worked with the plot although it wasn’t quite the all consuming and fires blazing romance I wanted for D.  But it was all sort of flat.  As usual, their romance takes place while on a dangerous op.  In this case a rescue mission that takes D back to his past and his demons.  And let me tell you, by the time you hear all his demons your heart will break a bit.  But telling me the backstory isn’t enough to pull this romance together.  I found he didn’t really open up and put effort into the relationship until towards the end, and quite frankly  by then I didn’t really care anymore.

The good part, though!  If you follow the series you know there’s been an m/m storyline developing between Sully and Liam.  Sully has gone missing, most likely kidnapped, and the team is trying to get him back in this book.  I kept looking for the parts about these two in the book.  It was literally the one thing that kept me turning the pages.  Yeahyeah Derek and Sofia, lets move, what’s Liam doing, how is he hurting, what is he thinking?  So, this side storyline saved the book for me from being just a meh and forgettable story.

The action and suspense?  Usually Ms. Kennedy does a reallllly good job with this.  I found in this book, although there is a tough bad guy, was less thought out and intelligent operation and more depressed and suicidal with a poor me complex that needs to save everyone of his bad karma.

Don’t worry, this is not a deterrent to keep me away from the series.  I’m just a bit disappointed after the wait and expectation.  But I know they can’t all be winners and I’m ready to get right back to it with the next book by Ms. Kennedy.




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  1. I found D’s story to be a let down, too. It all started downhill when I found it unlikely that Sofia would actually follow D on a mission to have a personal conversation of that nature that could have waited a few days or weeks until he got back and then her stunt of taking off to actually go on his mission to ‘protect’ him? Oys, I was done then. I wanted so much more from this book. But as you say, the secondary story line is hopefully leading up to something big for the other two.